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How Do Vehicle Transportation Services Work?

Moving and traveling can be complicated. You need to pack up your belongings, plan routes, activities, and transportation, and find the right place to stay. Vehicle transportation services can completely change how you travel or plan a move.

How Do You Know Vehicle Transportation Services Are Right For You?

You’re looking to move to a different city…

Moving to another country, province, or state can be difficult. Utilizing vehicle transportation services means you have access to your vehicle while you’re away from home, which makes trips to the grocery store, work, or school much simpler.

You’re traveling across the border or to a different province or state…

One of the best ways to really immerse yourself in a new place and enjoy every aspect of your trip is to have your own vehicle handy! Using vehicle transportation services means you can cruise around in your own car without the hassle and expense of dealing with rental cars.

Here’s How Vehicle Transportation Services Work

Once you receive your quote and your vehicle transport is booked, SAC gets right to work. Here is what a typical move looks like:

  1. Cross Border Documentation – If your vehicle will be traveling across the border, SAC works with brokers on both sides of the border, on the East and West coast, to prepare all your cross-border documentation.
  2. Vehicle Pickup – With our door to door or terminal to terminal delivery service, SAC comes to you. Using our Touchless Delivery service, you can sign off on your vehicle pick up right from your phone at a safe 2 m or 6 ft distance from our driver.
  3. Loading Your Vehicle – Your vehicle will be loaded onto our 9-10 car carriers. Our trucks are air ride equipped, which provides a much higher shock absorbency ratio to keep your vehicle safe. Each vehicle is insured and tied down using ultra-safe heavy-duty wheel straps, so you know your vehicle will arrive in great condition.
  4. GPS Tracking – Follow along with your vehicle throughout its journey using our GPS tracking feature. Stay in control of your move by knowing exactly what city your vehicle is in at all times.
  5. Vehicle Dropoff – The trip is complete, and your vehicle arrives at your door or terminal, quickly and safely. Our hassle-free Touchless Delivery will allow you to sign off on the successful delivery and you will be on your way.

Get Started with SAC’s Vehicle Transportation Services

Interested in booking transportation for your vehicle? Contact us today to find out more about our specialized services and to receive your personalized quote.

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SAC offers a variety of services including vehicle storage, relocation, coast-to-coast and local transportation. Need another method to transport you vehicle? SAC will help you.

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