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Frequently Asked Questions

Snowbirds Auto Connection Ltd. (SAC) will ship your vehicle on our licensed, insured open car carrier. We will schedule your delivery as close as possible to the date(s) you request on your order form – once it has been placed and verified.

We transport all kinds of motor and passenger vehicles including family cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. If you have questions about a specific make and model, please contact us for more information.

We will gladly accept your order for shipment with little notice providing space is available on our truck for your requested date. However, the more notice regarding your preferred shipping dates, the better.

Normal transit time varies depending on where your vehicle is being shipped. In general, a Canada to US move or vice versa is delivered within 4 to 7 days. An East Coast Canada to West Coast Canada move or vice versa is usually delivered within 7 to 14 days.

The actual time of your delivery may vary due to the route taken, weather, road conditions, occasional truck break down and border crossing custom delays. Please remember that no company can offer you a guaranteed date, day or time for the above reasons.

In most cases, your vehicle(s) will be transported on an open 9 or 10 car carrier, the same type of trucks used to deliver new vehicles from factories to local dealerships.

No, we are not licensed to transport personal belongings or household goods. In addition, if you place possessions in your vehicle during car shipment, they will not be covered by insurance. We do, however, allow some personal belongings up to 100lbs to be discreetly placed in the trunk.

The owner of the vehicle or an appointed representative contact (information must be provided to SAC prior to pickup/delivery) must be present to sign the vehicle over to SAC and to receive the vehicle upon delivery.

Please have a valid form of ID (identification) available.

At SAC, we do our best to meet requested pickup and delivery dates. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee pickup or delivery dates due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances such as poor weather conditions or border delays.

We work hard to minimize delays as much as possible, however the safety of your vehicle is our primary concern. Please keep in mind, the earlier you schedule your vehicle’s transportation, the more likely we will be able to meet your requested pickup/delivery dates.

We provide door-to-door service across North America, so we come to you. Provide your pickup and delivery location when requesting your quote so we can provide you with accurate information. There is also the option of picking up or dropping off at local terminals in your area. In most cases, there will be a savings for Terminal to Terminal orders.

SAC offers Touchless Delivery for all of our vehicle drop-offs. Clients are able to sign-off on their delivery from their phone while maintaining a safe 2m/6ft distance from our drivers.

Please ensure there are no personal items inside the vehicle. If you require personal items to be stored discreetly in the trunk, please be sure to properly secure your items to avoid damage to the vehicle or to the items themselves during transit. Please note, any personal items left inside of your car during transportation will not be covered by insurance.

Please make sure to properly winterize your vehicle and leave as close to a quarter of a tank of gas for use during loading and unloading of the vehicle. Please do not overfill your gas tank.

Please wash your car prior to pick up so a full, detailed inspection of the vehicle can be performed before the vehicle is handed off.

We handle all aspects of cross-border vehicle transportation for our clients, including all documentation. We work with reputable brokers on both sides of the border to complete documentation and expedite the shipping process, removing added stress for our clients.

SAC will transport non-running vehicles as long as the vehicle can be steered and will roll. Please let us know in advance if your vehicle does not run so proper arrangements can be made. An extra charge will be applied for this service.

Your vehicle will only be driven to load and unload your car from our transport trucks.

Yes, you can. SAC offers seasonal storage of your vehicle at our secure storage facility. Vehicles are stored indoors to provide protection against the elements and to ensure your vehicle’s safety. Please ask for a quote regarding storage.

SAC is insured for $5 million liability and $1 million cargo. No deductible is charged to our clients.

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SAC offers a variety of services including vehicle storage, relocation, coast-to-coast and local transportation. Need another method to transport you vehicle? SAC will help you.

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